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Platform for the Posting of Graduates of Higher Teachers Training Colleges in Cameroon

This application which is a new innovation has been motivated by the Minister’s persistent drive to digitalize and facilitate some work processes in the Ministry. It is a true reflection of her vision for this Ministry. The PALENCA module has been designed and developed by a team of IT specialists in the Department of Human Resources of the Ministry. As its name goes, its main objective is for a diligent management of the posting process of graduates from the various Higher Teachers Training Colleges in Cameroon.

The advantage of this new platform lies firstly in the fact that it offers the possibility to the graduates to choose their posting regions online, while helping the administrators on the other hand, to efficiently manage the data collected from the graduates. Secondly, it distributes the graduates automatically and diligently within the ten (10) Regions in Cameroon based on the available duty posts and the performance of each graduate. Finally, it automatically makes available the Certificates of Collective Assumption of Duty (CCAD) and the Posting Decisions to each graduate as soon as they are signed.

Access to this platform is made using unique access code generated by the administrators of the platform and made available to the various Higher Teachers Training Colleges and Higher Technical Teachers Training Colleges in Cameroon.


  1. Any graduate who does not choose their Region of assignment online will automatically be posted to a default Region by the platform.
  2. Any married woman who fails to submit a physical file or whose physical file is incomplete will be considered as single and treated as such. The physical file must be submitted in school and contain the following supporting documents:
    • A certified copy of marriage certificate;
    • A Certificate of residence of the spouse;
    • An Attestation of effective service of the spouse.
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